Re-thinking Christianity

Re-thinking Christianity

Ward, Keith






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The Christian faith is often charged with being outmoded and anachronistic. Many critics have claimed that it is a monolithic belief system rooted in the past, and that it lacks the resources to adapt to modern society's needs and advances. In Re-thinking Christianity, Keith Ward argues that this view is not only uncharitable, but refuted by historical evidence.

Mapping the development of six major revisions of Christian understanding, from the encounter with Hellenistic philosophy to the incorporation of evolutionary theory and the challenge of Marxism, Ward demonstrates that Christianity has always been expressed in constantly changing ways in response to new knowledge and understandings of the world.

Controversial, liberal, and yet orthodox in a clearly defined sense, and confronting the principal questions facing Christianity today, Ward uses his analysis to support the construction of a ground-breaking theology: a systematic theology for the post-scientific age. [Språk: Engelska] Kartonage