Something special

Something special

Willow Tree





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Something special (något speciellt)

Höjd: 14 cm

“The gesture of something special is one of protection and caring for something precious... our children, our earth, our natural resources. I see it as a hopeful piece about possibilities… about every child, doing his or her share.The rock is etched with words and images. The puzzle pieces allude to how we are all inextricably linked together… they’re also symbols of children with autism. 'special' can mean many things—the special responsibility to care for our planet—and to nurture ALL our children to care for their future. 'something' can be interpreted on many levels. The little sprout is an unknown. What’s it going to become? And the boy is a sprout too… what’s he going to become? He could represent hope for the future… This piece could be a symbol of newness and beginnings. Also...For many years we’ve wanted to experiment with environmentally friendly packaging that wouldn’t increase breakage. We’re excited to try it with the packaging of something special. The inner shell is made from biodegradable paper pulp, so now both shell and box can be easily recycled.” —Susan Lordi.

A gift to express appreciation and thankfulness for teachers, volunteers, donors, caregivers, friends… or for those who love plants and flowers!