Holy Spirit, The: Classic and Contemporary Readings

Holy Spirit, The: Classic and Contemporary Readings

Rogers Jr, Eugene F. (ed.)






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Beginning with the Church Fathers and moving right through to the present day, The Holy Spirit offers a theologically informed, international collection of the most important texts relating to Christians' understanding of the Holy Spirit.

* A new volume of texts and readings offering a chronologically-organized selection of the most important and interesting writings on the Holy Spirit

* Considers how the Holy Spirit has always been an integral part of both Christian belief and systematic theology - from the Church Fathers through to the present day

* Each set of readings is prefaced by an introduction from the editor, drawing out the main themes and important historical points, and linking the readings to what has gone before

* Tackles the disagreements over the role of the Holy Spirit within the Trinity, and how it was a contributing factor in the split between the Western and Eastern Church

* Opens with a newly-commissioned essay describing the importance of the Holy Spirit in the theology of the last one hundred years, and in particular in relation to the revival of Trinitarian theology [Språk: Engelska] Häftad