Mastering New Testament Greek

Mastering New Testament Greek

Robinson, Thomas A.






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Students of New Testament Greek face at least two major hurdles: building a working vocabulary necessary for effective exegesis, and learning to identify (parse) the plethora of grammatically fluctuating forms that appear in the biblical text.

In Mastering New Testament Greek, the revised and expanded third edition of Mastering Greek Vocabulary, Thomas Robinson offers learners an inventive set of tools for meeting these challenges.

At the heart of Robinson's ingenious vocabulary mastery system is the cognate group, in which Greek words are linked together according to the roots they share in common.

By associating common Greek roots with the words that contain them, students are able to build a working vocabulary far more quickly than by merely learning a list of individual words.

Mastering New Testament Greek provides additional vocabulary help by offering comprehensive lists of cognates, derivatives, suffixes, and prefixes that correlate Greek words with their English counterparts. Added features assist students to master common pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad