Beyond Liberation Theology: A Polemic

Beyond Liberation Theology: A Polemic

Petrella, Ivan






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In »Beyond Liberation Theology: A Polemic», Ivan Petrella first of all presents the global socio-economic context within which liberation theologians work today. He believes this context is inescapable, whether you physically live in the first or third world: society has created zones of social abandonment globally, creating this shared context. He argues that at the heart of this social abandonment is idolatry, and that we do not live in a secular world anymore but an idolatrous one.

Throughout this work, the author's main focus is to recover the primacy of class for the liberationist discourse. He believes that poor blacks suffer more than middle class blacks, that poor women suffer more than middle class women.What liberation theologians share in their context they also share in their inability to deal successfully with their material context. They are incapable of dealing with the spread of social abandonment. Petrella states this inability exists because they fail to pay attention to economics and class.

He believes that 4 Debilitating Conditions - monochromatism, (colour-blindness) amnesia, gigantism (excessive growth) and naivety - are the cause. Ultimately Petrella argues that liberation theology must recover the rebellious spirit of its youth, only this time rebel against itself; liberation theologians must move beyond liberation theology as it currently stands. This book provides the signposts by which to do so.

Ivan Petrella is Associate Professor at the University of Miami. His previous publications include Another Possible World and The Future of Liberation Theology. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad