Divine Teaching: An Introduction to Christian Theology

Divine Teaching: An Introduction to Christian Theology

McIntosh, Mark A.






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»Divine Teaching: An Introduction to Christian Theology» is an imaginative and lively analysis of the Christian way of thinking, offering vivid and informing insight into the history and practice of Christian theology.

It is an innovative textbook offering a complete and dedicated guide to understanding Christian theology.

It offers a lively exploration of the fundamentals of Christian belief, but also shows how and why these beliefs arose, providing the reader with an understanding of theological reflection which enables them to think theologically themselves.

It questions how the major thinkers in the Christian tradition and faith communities shaped theology through a wide variety of thoughts and experiences of the world.

It is designed to make the study of theology exciting and interactive; not necessarily requiring a faith commitment but allowing the reader a thinking involvement in the subject. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad