Becoming Muslim. Western Women’s Conversion to Islam

Becoming Muslim. Western Women’s Conversion to Islam

McGinty Mansson, Anna






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While Islam has become a controversial topic in the West, a growing number of Westerners find powerful meaning in Islam.

Becoming Muslim is an ethnographic study based on in-depth interviews with Swedish and American women who have converted to Islam.

Proceeding from the women's life-stories, the author explores the appeal of Islam to some Western women and the personal meaning assigned to the religion.

While conversion is often perceived as entailing a dramatic change in worldview, the women's experiences point to an equally important continuity.

Notably, the conversion is triggered by particular personal ideas and quests, and within Islam the women can further explore already salient thoughts.

The work appeals to students in the fields of anthropology, religious studies, psychology, and women's studies, interested in identity, conversion, and gender. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad