Understanding Christian Doctrine

Understanding Christian Doctrine

Markham, Ian S.






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nderstanding Christian Doctrine introduces Christian theology in an accessible, informed, and systematic way.

* A lively introduction to the central beliefs of Christianity, assuming no prior knowledge of theology and Christian doctrine

* Explores doctrines such as incarnation, the Trinity, sin, life after death, and the end of the world, and growth areas such as spirituality

* Encourages and shows readers how to take a position on these theological issues

* Tackles questions that newcomers find particularly perplexing about the Christian worldview, including religion and science, religious pluralism, and the problem of evil

* Includes numerous student-friendly features, including useful timelines, brief vignettes of major theologians, and a glossary

* Written by internationally-regarded theologian, Ian S. Markham, who is the author of a number of textbooks in religion and theology. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad