Medicine, Religion and Health: Where Science and Spirituality Meet

Medicine, Religion and Health: Where Science and Spirituality Meet

Koenig, Harold G.






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In Medicine, Religion, and Health, Dr. Harold G. Koenig provides an overview of the relationship between health and religion that manages to be comprehensive yet concise, factual yet inspirational, and technical yet easily accessible to nonspecialists and general readers.

Focusing on the scientific basis for integrating spirituality into medicine, Koenig defines key terms, charts the history of this relatively young field of study, summarizes major trends, explores the major controversies, and provides the latest research from a wide variety of disciplines.

Readers looking for practical applications will find reviews of the clinical practices that can be derived from the research, along with a detailed appendix that will aid researchers of all levels looking for further information.

Medicine, Religion, and Health sheds new light on important contemporary issues in this fascinating, complex, and controversial area of research, clinical activity, and popular discussion.

It will find a welcome home on the bookshelves of students, researchers, clinicians, and other health professionals in a variety of disciplines.

About the Author:

Harold G. Koenig, M.D., is board certified in general psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and geriatric medicine and is on the faculty at Duke University Medical Center and the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center, VA Medical Center.

Dr. Koenig is co-director of Duke's Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health and has published extensively in the fields of mental health, geriatrics, and religion, with nearly three hundred peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and forty books in print or in preparation [Språk: Engelska] Häftad