Satan: A Biography

Satan: A Biography

Kelly, Henry Ansgar






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How the Satan of the New Testament became the modern day personification of evil.

Christians traditionally think of Satan as Lucifer, God's enemy, who rebelled against Him out of pride and then caused Adam and Eve to sin. But, as Ansgar Kelly shows, this portrayal is not biblical but a scenario invented by the early Fathers of the Church which became the 'New Biography of Satan'.

The 'Original Biography' must be reconstructed from the New Testament where Satan is the same sort of celestial functionary we see in the Book of Job - appointed to govern the world, specifically to monitor and test human beings. But he is brutal and deceitful in his methods, and Jesus predicts that his rule will soon come to an end.

Kelly traces the further developments of the 'New Biography': humankind's inherited guilt, captivity by Satan, and punishment in Hell at his hands.

This profile of Satan remains dominant, but Kelly urges a return to the 'Original Biography of Satan'.


Part I. Hebrew Backgrounds:

1. The Old Testament

2. Apocryphal works and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Part II. The New Testament: Satan Comes Into His Own

3. St. Paul, the first Christian writer

4. The four Gospels

5. Later Epistles

6. The apocalypse of John the Divine

7. Putting the New Testament together: a composite portrait of Satan in canonical order

Part III. Satan and Adam

8. Satan's original sin: felling Adam

Part IV. The Rise of the Fallen Lucifer

9. Lucifer and the new biography of Satan

10. Satan and the human race

11. Theorizing Satan

12. Satan in literature and art

Part V. Satan in the Modern World

13. Temptation and possession

14. Doubts and affirmations

15. Summary and conclusions. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad