Engaging Scripture: a model for theological interpretation

Engaging Scripture: a model for theological interpretation

Fowl, Stephen E.






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Engaging Scripture proposes that Christians must read Scripture theologically, redressing the recent domination of professional scholarship in this area by historical-criticism.

Drawing on the best interpretive traditions of the past, Fowl develops, argues for and displays a new model for the theological interpretation of Scripture.

This interpretive framework should enable Christians, and particularly Christian theologians, to interpret Scripture in a way that helps them to live and worship faithfully.

Theological and theoretical questions are illustrated by reference to particular Christian convictions, practices, and concerns in the United States and Britain, and by engaging scriptural passages.

These serve as examples of the sort of interpretation Fowl is advocating.

In summary, the book looks toward bridging the chasm that arose between biblical studies and theological study following the rise of modernity. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad