Jesus was a Migrant

Jesus was a Migrant

Cornell, Deirdre






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A biblically grounded presentation of the value of migrants, immigrants, and refugees to each and all of us.

The Bible is rich in powerful stories of migrants.

The children of Israel were migrants.

Jesus was a migrant.

The world is filled with migrants and refugees whose dramatic stories are impossible to ignore. America is a country of immigrants.

Deirdre Cornell shares her personal experiences and gets to the heart of the matter when she writes:

Human mobility certainly entails sacrifice. Migration has caused--and been caused by--tremendous suffering. But it has also served as a source of great blessing.

This is what being a migrant really means, what being a Christian means, and what migrants mean to the spiritual and material growth of a society that welcomes them.

Deirdre Cornell lived in Mexico for three years as a Maryknoll lay missioner and has, with her husband Kenny, worked with migrant workers in upstate New York for many years.

She has written about her experiences in A Priceless View and American Madonna. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad