Too Soon A Mother’s Journey through Miscarriage: A 30-Day Devotional

Too Soon A Mother’s Journey through Miscarriage: A 30-Day Devotional

Clamp, Jane






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The purpose of this book is to inform, encourage and support all women who have experienced pregnancy loss, enabling them to find the strength they need to move forward. This 30-day devotional helps mothers who have lost children start to come to terms with what has happened. Here are 30 reflections on the topic of losing a baby. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, a traumatic experience for any woman, but one in which she typically feels alone. The author herself suffered four miscarriages, and writes compassionately and personally. Each piece is followed by a meditation and space for personal reflection. The book ends with a liturgy for a lost child, and is attractively designed. Having experienced four successive miscarriages between 1993 and 1995, Jane knows only too well the issues facing the woman who has had a pregnancy loss. Over the years, she has drawn alongside women going through its trauma and they have found her support invaluable. Research led her to realise that there was very little by way of printed resources, and she believes Too Soon will fill an important gap in the market. Her background as a writer has been mostly in the realm of radio broadcast. She is Creative Writer in Residence on the Sunday Breakfast Show of BBC Radio Norfolk, and on the Thought of the Day team at Premier Radio. She has had several years of presenting Thought for the Day for a local community radio station. For five years she was a regular contributor to an online daily Bible commentary.She is on the committee of the Association of Christian Writers and produces a monthly blog for them. She also blogs personally. Paperback / softback