Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality: New Paths to Understanding

Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality: New Paths to Understanding

Cameli, Louis J.






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In Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality: New Paths to Understanding, Rev. Louis Cameli, nationally renowned pastoral leader and priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, presents the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality with insight, new possibilities for spiritual care, and a vision for greater hospitality within the Church.

Is the sexuality of homosexually inclined persons a blessing or a curse?

Does it lead a person to God or away from God?

Can a homosexual person be a good Catholic?

With humility and pastoral sensitivity, Cameli offers hope to the many who feel alienated from the Church because of these questions.

Taking his cue from Pope Benedict's call to »express the teaching pastorally, theologically, and intellectually in the context of today's studies of sexuality and anthropology,» he provides a deeper understanding of the Church's theological language and stresses that while the Church is a teacher, it must also be a learner.

»At last, an objective but compassionate look at same-sex attraction that places the moral struggle involved squarely (and fairly) in the larger arena of the whole Church's efforts to live the virtue of chastity. Thank you, Fr. Cameli!» —Rev. Patrick Lee, Archdiocesan of Chicago Gay and Lesbian Outreach (AGLO) [Språk: Engelska] Häftad